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Welcome to Ashfield Tools.


We are a small company located in New England offering a line of high quality garden tools. Each tool is hand-forged with high-carbon tool steel. We use cutlery grade 410 stainless steel for the blades of our Trowels, Hand Plows, Hand Hoes, and Viper Weeders. The birch and ash handles are made in Maine. Ashfield Tools are sturdy and long-lasting, designed to work well and enhance the gardening experience.

Ned James

Ashfield Tools was founded by Ned James. Ned began blacksmithing and tinsmithing during the late 70’s at Old Sturbridge Village and then started his own shop in the early 80's. His custom architectural pieces and museum restoration work are known for the quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail. See the gallery to view examples of Ned's work, including lighting, gates & railings, grilles, hardware, and more.

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