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Ashfield Tools


Ned James
Ashfield, MA

Thank you for your interest in our Garden Tools!

Please Note: Ned is making tools on a limited basis.  Currently we are collecting orders that will be shipped mid November through mid December.  


To Order:  Send us an email listing the Item(s) you are interested in along with the shipping Zip Code.  We will reply with a Price for the Item(s) and any applicable Sales Tax plus an estimate for shipping via USPS Priority Mail.

The shipping cost for the Long Handle Tools is expensive.  USPS now adds a $15 surcharge to any package longer than 30-inches.  We also add $3 to paritially cover the cost of the box (long handle tools only.)

We will send you an invoice when the order is near completion.  You can choose to pay by check or by credit card.  If you prefer credit card we will collect some basic information so that we can have an Invoice generated (via Square) that contains a payment link.  If paying by check, we will email an invoice.  

You are welcome to cancel your order at any point before shipment.

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